A Team Approach

The Team Approach

One of the biggest complaints with today’s healthcare system is the lack of communication between various professionals. MemoryCare.Health has resolved that issue by having a complete team who communicate regularly with each other. Communication between the health care team improves outcomes and produces a far superior experience for the person living with dementia and the care partners who support them

MemoryCare Health Team chart

The Team Concept

  1. Your dementia coach is the hub of your dementia support team. They organize the team and facilitate communication.
  2. Your Nurse Practitioner and Coach meet regularly to review all the components of the care plan and any issues which may be arising. 
  3. The Behavioral Health clinician also meets regularly with your Coach and Nurse Practitioner to discuss the issues of anxiety, depression or any of their behavioral health concerns being addressed. 
  4. The various therapies such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are also incorporated into the team communication process.