Do you have a loved one living with a cognitive impairment?

A new Medicare benefit is now available to help support families who have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.
Old couple getting MemoryCare assessment

Angelic Health has teamed up with AlzBetter to help support individuals living with a cognitive impairment along with those who care for them. 

This unique service is covered by Medicare and performed in the comfort of your home via Telehealth. Your very own dementia coach partnered with a Nurse Practitioner will help to assess your unique situation and then deliver education, resources and a plan of care.

How It Works

We make it easy to take advantage of this valuable benefit.

Dementia Assessment

Your certified dementia coach will reach out and perform thorough dementia assessment, identifying areas of concern and stress.

Plan Of Care

Based on the findings of the assessment, a nurse practitioner will create and review your customized plan of care (see benefits below).

Ongoing Support

You will be able to receive ongoing support each month from your certified dementia coach..


So much value to help manage.


You will receive a copy of our award winning manual along with short videos targeting your exact needs.

Problem Solving

Supporting a loved-one living with dementia can have challenging behaviors. Our coach and Nurse Practitioner will listen and offer support and guidance.


Local and national resources are identified. This may include funds available for care, legal help, support groups and much more.


Part of the assessment is a medication review to assure only the correct medication are being utilized.

What Others Are Saying

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