Medicare Dementia

Assessment & Support
Patient getting evaluated by MemoryCare Staff Member

A new Medicare benefit providing dementia assessments and plans to help reduce stress for caregivers of people living with dementia.


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Get the benefits of a specialized care team, paid for by Medicare


You will receive a copy of our award winning manual along with short videos targeting your exact needs.

Problem Solving

Supporting a loved-one living with dementia can have challenging behaviors. Our coach and Nurse Practitioner will listen and offer support and guidance.


Local and national resources are identified. This may include funds available for care, legal help, support groups and much more.


Part of the assessment is a medication review to assure only the correct medication are being utilized.

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This is a fairly new benefit offered by Medicare for people who have a cognitive impairment. It starts with a detailed dementia specific assessment that includes a cognitive screening, identifies the level of dementia (if any), medication review with a focus on medications that affect dementia behaviors, caregiver stresses, home safety and much more.

Based on the assessment results, a customized plan of care is developed and reviewed by a nurse practitioner. Additionally, a certified dementia coach works in tandem with the nurse practitioner to help the care partners with challenging behaviors, areas of stress and find community resources. 

The goal of the program is to help not only the individual who is living with dementia, but also really focuses on supporting the people in their life who make up their care team. This could be a spouse, child, care partners that are hired or anyone else who is part of the support team.

This program will be billed to Medicare, however, there is a co-payment. If you have a supplemental policy, it usually covers the cost of the co-pay. Our staff will verify billing information prior to performing the assessment and let you know if there will be any out of pocket costs to you.

We first verify your insurance coverage and once that is done, your coach will reach out to you and send a link via email for you to fill out the assessment. This usually takes 20-30 minutes for you to complete.

Once we get that back, your coach will review the assessment with you and gather some additional information. This is done via telephone or preferably, through a video chat. The coach then works with the nurse practitioner to create your customized plan, identify community resources that you could be eligible for or would otherwise be a benefit to you. 

The nurse practitioner will then reach out to you via video chat and review the plan of care, medications and answer any clinical questions you may have.

Additionally they will send you short videos to help provide education based on specific problems you have expressed during the interview. Lastly, they will be sending you a free copy of our book that offers some great advice on caring for a person living with dementia.